Imagine a cellist and pianist creating a hip-hop album. B.Lamar did just that using only 5 independent sounds per song. The combination of each eclectic sound and vivid lyrics paint a picture from beginning to end. Vibes takes you on a journey.

Entirely self-produced and self-written, the journey begins in the present with flashbacks to a younger, more fun time. Vibes feels like the album you wanted to listen to in high school. Each song evokes a different emotion as Lamar writes pieces of his own high school memories.

Versed in classical music, B. Lamar grew up listening to Beethoven and Bach. As time passed and he learned more about music production and beat making, hip-hop began to take root within him.

Training under MC Free of the 90’s gospel hip-hop group, ETW, Lamar realized something he’d always known. Music was more than just sounds, instruments, and words. It was about telling stories .